Monday, 13 November 2017

Bric API - Business card scanner API

Pass card images and get accurate results in Json

Most CRM / ERP software requires inputting customer/vendor details into the software and a major source of this data are business cards. Anything that involves manual input is a pain and in turn, results in lesser data entering the system and potential opportunity losses on account of that.

The CRM software in turn services lesser data resulting in a possible revenue loss for the provider. The solution to this would be to provide a feature to scan business card data directly into the CRM or ERP software, however, the provider may not have the bandwidth or feasibility to build a card scanner just for this functionality and here is where Bric API helps

Bric API is a simple yet powerful card scanner API to pass images of business cards and receive accurately transcribed data in JSON format. Bric differs from other card scanner APIs' by using a combination of back-end OCR & human transcription to return accurate data at a reasonably fast turnaround time.As part of the service offering, Bric will not record or store any of the client data that is transcribed on its server and data is erased once it is returned back.

Bric API is ideal for CRM / ERP / in-house customised CRM that has a need to extract business card data onto its system. The client has to ensure there is an interface either to capture images from the device camera or pass scanned images from any other source and Bric will do the rest.

If you are looking for a card scanner API that is accurate, fast, Secure & at the most competitive rates in the market, Do check out Bric API and sign up for a free trial!

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bric Enterprise - Customised Business Card Management Software

Business card scanners / APPS are an important tool for most organizations to effectively manage customer contacts, leads etc.The requirement may vary from one company to the other however the common practice is either to purchase a business card scanner machine which has its own limitations or purchase Business card scanner APPs through a subscription model.
The disadvantage of a subscription model is that it lacks flexibility or customisations which may be a critical requirement for mid-size/large enterprises.The other disadvantage is the fact that the data resides on the service provider's server which may be a point of concern for some organizations if their internal policies' or the jurisdictions in which they operate do not permit that.
Bric Enterprise is a perfect solution for the above, where the entire business card management software which includes a Mobile APP, Web-APP & a transcription dashboard is customised according to the organization's needs and hosted on the company's server or on a private cloud.The solution works exactly like the Bric Business version with integrations to Salesforce, Office 365, Google etc along with other customisations if any.
Bric Enterprise is a one-time software purchase with AMC arrangements and covers all incremental updates for a defined period.
Sign up on Bric Enterprise to enquire & get your own customised software. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bulk Scanning of Business Cards . . .

               Accurate transcription of cards from any source

Capturing business cards one by one on a mobile business card scanner or a device card scanner can be a time-consuming activity if you are left with heaps of business cards lying around and when that keeps piling up with each trade fair/exhibition.

Bric's bulk upload option enables you to upload images of business cards scanned on a flatbed scanner ( multiple images on an A4 dimension ) or images captured on a mobile camera through a web console, where the business cards will get accurately transcribed and updated on to a web dashboard and a mobile APP ( optional ). The data can be downloaded as a CSV  / XLS / VCF file and can also be synced to Google contacts, Salesforce & contact folders.

The scanned cards can also be accessed through Bric APP business card scanner, which comes part of the service and can be used to share, exchange and manage business card data.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bric Web App - Accessing your card directory online

                          Bric Web App - Accessing your card directory online


It's great to have business cards saved on mobile Apps like Bric App, accessed on the go etc but what if you need to access and engage with contacts from a larger screen real estate, have a team review or search, sort, type notes and quickly download CSV / Xls files on to desktop?

Bric Web App is the solution. Bric has a web interface from which you can access all the cards scanned on the mobile App. The web app enables users to view, search, sort & download files as CSV or Xls formats. The option to print label will also be rolled out shortly.


       The Geo tags option plots the contacts on a map with contact details mapped on to the pin which helps marketers to identify & explore sales opportunities.

Bric Enterprise Admin portal :

Bric Enterprise App has an admin access to all the business cards scanned by all the users/sales teams in the company. It also populates data on date & time stamps of the scanned cards, user wise card scanning activity and so on which is used by a lot of existing companies for sales tracking.

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Scan Business cards to Outlook in seconds . .

Ever juggled with the misery of collecting business cards & typing them into your Outlook account? 

Look no further, with Bric APP business card scanner you can scan business cards into your account in seconds and can also be rest assured that accurate data is synced to your account...

                                    How it works?

Bric APP combines a powerful OCR backed by human validation to digitize business cards and turnaround results quickly.The results are 99.9% accurate and minimizes the need to check each data unlike a traditional business card reader.The user can configure their Outlook account with Bric APP ( through a secure Microsoft interface ) and all the scanned cards can automatically sync into their Outlook account or can manually select & push only specific cards.

Bric APP integrates to Office 365 / Corporate Exchange and other Microsoft accounts like, etc. Bric APP also integrates with Google accounts, phone book, Salesforce with options to Export cards as a CSV file as well as a web interface to access the account.

               Get Bric APP  ... Secure your contacts. .Stay productive!

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Syncing Business card data to Salesforce . .

Industry estimates hardly 30% of business cards received, enter into Salesforce, why ??

Salesforce is one of the most Popularly used CRM and has evolved over years into a robust tool for customer management. However, like any other CRM, the success of the solution is derived from the amount of data that goes into the CRM and this where the pain point arises.

Business cards are the most common source of customer data and updating this data onto Salesforce is a major road block as it takes at least 3 minutes to capture all relevant information from the card.Imagine a scenario where a sales person accumulates 50 cards and that translates to 2.5 hours of data entry work.It is because of this reason that sales people shy away from capturing data on Salesforce and either update few cards or postpone it to another day.

Bric APP  Solves this problem with just a 10-second engagement with the APP by facilitating direct sync of business cards scanned on to a Salesforce account instantly.The user just needs to login to their Salesforce account through Bric APP, set their Sync preferences to the respective account or leads and set it.The user can either set auto sync of each card scanned or manually select & sync specific cards to their SF Account.

Bric APP commits to a 99.9% data accuracy of business cards through its optional back end human transcription and also syncs data to Google, Phone-book, MS Outlook along with a web dashboard.

Get the Android APP now!!

Bric Enterprise is the corporate version for teams with all the features as above along with a centralized master repository of cards with admin access.

  Each business card is a potential customer, Secure it with Bric!
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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bric enterprise awarded “Expert’s choice 2016” by Finances online

Finances Online  is a B2B software review platform that helps users make informed decisions about the software they intend to purchase. It also lists software on its website which meet certain quality specifications and makes it available for users to search and subscribe from there.

Bric enterprise was awarded with “ Expert’s choice 2016” and "Great user experience" from here.Bric is listed under the contact management software and has also fetched a user satisfaction score of 96%  from the users who have availed this through this platform and a Finances online index score of 8.

So what is Bric ?

Bric is a cloud based  contact management app that enables users to digitize, manage and exchange business cards from a mobile device.

Bric enterprise is the business version which simplifies business card management, sales reporting and customer engagement for corporates.

Each sales person is equipped with the APP and all they need to do is capture the business card of a client on the APP and forget about it. The data from the card is extracted through OCR and stored as a contact folder on mobile as well as on the cloud. The admin can review all the cards stored under each sales person from a web interface and also export this data as CSV or sync it to other popular CRM like sales force,zoho etc. (Watch demo)

Bric users can also share their own card from mobile and the recipient can receive the business card on Bric, SMS or email and easily store the contact details from a VCF file.

Finally if you are looking for a business card scanner, a contact management software, a sales CRM and a networking tool from a single interface, Bric is your answer.

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